The Austin ZEALOTS is a loose group of members that have a common interest in brewing and/or drinking great beer. "ZEALOTS" stands for Zymurgic Enthusiasts of Austin Loosely Organized Through Suds. The club has been around since about 1990 and was started by some of Austin's homebrewers, the owners of Live Oak Brewing Co., the early owners of Austin Homebrew Supply, and employees at Celis Brewery. There is a weekly roaming happy hour at the various breweries in and around Austin (sign up for the yahoo email group for details).  No dues or office of the CEO exist. However, we do ­have pseudo officials: Primary Fermenter, Secondary Fermenter and Conditioning Tank(s), just for grins.  Monthly meetings are the 2nd or 3rd Saturday (usually) of the month at a location and time announced on the calendar, on Facebook, and via email.   Our meetings usually consist of about 40 or more people who share their creations (bring a tasting glass please). We have a style of the month, but if you have homebrew that isn't in that style, bring it on! ­If you don't have any homebrew handy, feel free to bring a commercial example of the style of the month that you enjoy. Bear in mind that to give each person a sample, you will need to bring at least 2 twelve ounce bottles. Each year we host a Homebrew Competition called the Inquisition.  It is certified and sanctioned by no one (errrr, except the Lone Star Circuit now!). It is unique in that judging is not to determine if you can emulate a particular classic style, but can you make quality beer. 

January - Stouts & Porters
February - English ales & all Imperials
March - Scottish and Irish ales
April - Pale Ales & IPAs
May - Bocks and Smoked beers
June - Belgians
July - Wheat beers & Meads
August - Lawnmower beers/free-for-all (picnic)
September - Pilsners & other lagers
October - Oktoberfest and Amber ales
November - Barleywines and big beers
December -Christmas beers and Free-For-All (Party)