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Homebrew Competition Links

Austin ZEALOTS Homebrew Inquisition - We don't need no stinkin' guidelines!  Deadline to enter for 2019 (16th Annual): July 13.  Go to the Inquisition OpenBrewComp website to enter and pay for your entries between July 1-13.  Take or ship your entries to Austin Homebrew Supply or SoCo Homebrew between June 28-July 13.  Details are in a file below.  Category 11:  Brut Beers!!

The Inquisition is part of the Lone Star Circuit.


American Homebrewers Association presents the National Homebrew Conference.  The largest and most prestigious homebrewers competition in the world.  The number of entries in the 2012 competition was over 7500.   Winning in the competition comes with some serious bragging rights!  Mark Schoppe won the Ninkasi Award in 2012 and 2015!!

Bluebonnet Brew-off  It is one of the largest single site homebrew competitions in the United States and is one of the nation's oldest homebrewing competitions.  It is the first leg of the Lone Star Circuit (LSC) of homebrew competitions.

Alamo City Cerveza Fest   San Antonio's homebrew contest, also part of the Lone Star Circuit. 

Celtic Brewoff  The Knights of the Brown Bottle run this contest, part of the LSC.

Big Batch Brew Batch  Run by the KGB!  Part of the LSC.

Lunar Rendezbrew  Run by the Bay Area Mashtronauts!  Part of the LSC.

Cactus Challenge  Lubbock's Homebrew Contest run by the Ale-Ian Society!  Part of the LSC.

Operation Fermentation   Contest run by the CIA (Cane Island Alers from Katy).  Part of the LSC.

Limbo Challenge - Low Gravity contest!!  Part of the LSC.

O'zapft Is!   German beer style competition.  Part of the LSC.

Texas Mead Cup      Mead competition!  Part of the LSC.

Dixie Cup Homebrew Competition.  It is the final competition in the Lone Star Circuit.  It is the series that determines the Lone Star Circuit Homebrewer of the Year, the Lone Star Circuit Homebrew Team of the Year, and the Lone Star Circuit Homebrew Club of the Year.  They do not like barleywine in Houston.  Not at all.  And especially not before 9 a.m.


OTHER COMPETITIONS (not part of the LSC):

Belgian Beer Brawl - run by the South Austin Area Zymurgists (SAAZ)

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