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Austin ZEALOTS win Lone Star Circuit Trophy for 2013

posted Oct 20, 2013, 4:35 PM by Dan Dewberry
The ZEALOTS were able to hold off the contenders at the Dixie Cup and come out on top of the standings for the Lone Star Circuit Trophy for 2013!  This adds up to winning the Circuit in three of the last four years.  Keith and Pam Bradley (Team Bradley) won the team competition on the Circuit by a landslide.  Mark Schoppe finished 2nd in the individual points competition on the Circuit. 

Dixie Cup only: Mark Peterson finished 3rd at the Dixie Cup in total points earned.  The Bradley's won the team competition.  Dixie Cup winners included: Mark Peterson, Keith & Pam Bradley, Corey Martin, Kerry Martin, Chris Rauschuber, Stuart West (for Alexis), John Brack (JB), Kelly Drake, Andrew Speer, & Brian Reynolds.  Thanks to all members that entered the competition.  And thanks to anyone that entered any of the Lone Star Circuit events throughout 2013.  Onward to World Domination!