Homebrew Tips

The ZEALOTS' own Dan Ironside (Dan's "Apartment Homebrewer" blog here) has written a book!!  "The Idiot's Guide to Homebrewing".  It is a GREAT how-to and reference guide for beginners or experienced brewers.  Get you one!  Or get it as a gift.  PLUS the ZEALOTS' own Chris Colby (editor of the website Beer and Wine Journal has written "Home Brew Recipe Bible"!!!  Another great reference and a great gift idea!  Spread the love for homebrewing!

Dan Ironside (Austin ZEALOTS member) has written "Idiot's Guide: Homebrewing".  Purchase a copy now or download on your device.  LINK TO PURCHASE       "Idiot's Guides: Homebrewing breaks the brewing process down step-by-step and helps you understand how to minimize the risk of a bad batch, maximize your success, and foster the passion and pride that every homebrewer experiences when they brew the perfect beer. The author teaches readers the fundamentals -- from home brewery setup and equipment sanitization, to the proper techniques for nearly any style of beer, to bottling and aging their brews. You will learn how to select ingredients, taste beer the right way, and experiment from over 60 recipes ranging from German lagers to IPAs."  

Chris Colby has also written a homebrewing book!!!  "Home Brew Recipe Bible"  LINK TO PURCHASE      "Chris Colby from Beer & Wine Journal serves as the brewmaster for this collection of 100 recipes for home brewing!  Chris’ Vienna Lager won silver in the 2004 National Homebrew Competition, as well as a Best of Show in 2004 and several lesser ribbons from his contest days. Here, he’ll show you how to take the freshest ingredients and create a lot of different and fantastic beers to choose from."   

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Way to go Dan!  Jul 23, 2016, 8:06 AM Dan Dewberry